Back to School Backpacks

Backpacks! They lug around pounds of textbooks, laptops, tablets, gym clothes and lots more. It’s a crucial part of the schooling experience for everyone. Here is a list of functional backpacks designed for comfort as well as practicality:

The Herschel Heritage backpack features a classic, functional design and a fine regard for detail. With the addition of an Eco-friendly reinforced bottom and detailing. It’s also equipped with a 15” computer sleeve pocket for your laptop and other mobile devices as well as padded straps and back panel for support on the days you need to bring all your text books and more. Over all it is great for staying organized while you’re on the go around campus and more.

If you’re still looking for something with just a touch more personality then these following backpacks may be worth considering – The backpacks shown here are stylish, large enough for most text books and of course has a laptop sleeve:

Vans Old Skool
Neff Professor