Corkcicle: Keeping Things Cool one Tumbler at a Time

Walking in our store, many people may or may not know that we specialize in everything – from underwear to outerwear. The General Store doesn’t stop there, we also strive to bring to our customers lifestyle items that we believe are  unique in their own right; offering something just a little bit different from the rest. This brings us to Corkcicle, a company that does a little bit more than just make tumblers. Here is their mission statement:

At Corkcicle, we make things that cool. We make cool things. Our focus thus far has been around drink related products, with the pursuit of making things that help make the experience of enjoying your favorite drink as perfect as possible.

We first started this quest with our in-bottle wine chiller and revolutionized the wine chilling market in the process. We’ve since launched awesome products for everyday drinks of all kinds that assist in beverage enjoyment for any and all aspects of your lifestyle whether you are at home, on the go, on the beach, the lake, watching the game, hiking, at your desk, or at a tailgate.

Innovation and design are the principles that guide us and where we spin our wheels.



Here are some of the awards Corkcicle has won:

  • Best New Product: Dining – 2011 NY International Gift Fair (NYIGF)
  • Best New Product: Tabletop – 2011 International Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Show (New York)
  • Best in Show – 2011 International Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Show (New York)
  • Giftee Award – Best Hostess Gift, a 2011 Gift of the Year
  • Red Dot Product Design Awards 2016 – Canteen and Tumbler

These awards, Corkcicle’s involvement with charities, and just their amazing products are just some of the few reasons why we are now carrying them in our store!