Should I wear wool socks in the summer?

The short answer is yes.

One of the most important things to remember about socks is that they help keep your feet dry.    When you exercise your body produces heat.  Your body reacts to the heat and begins to sweat (sweating is the body’s cooling process).  Here’s the problem: Wet feet + Friction =  Blisters.  To avoid blisters it’s important to regulate the temperature of your feet, and wick (or move) any moisture from the inside of your sock, to the outside of your sock.  Wool will do this naturally.  Wool also regulates temperature.  Yes, your feet will be warmer in wool socks as compared to cotton socks, but they will also be drier.  If your feet are dry they will remain blister free.

In our store we tout the benefits of wool, but customers often believe that wool is itchy and uncomfortable.  This is not always true.  Most of the wool socks that we carry are made of soft merino wool.  Actually, they feel nothing like wool and they’re very comfortable.  This is why we say YES to wool socks in the summer.

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