Summer Essentials: Clothing to Keep Bugs Away

Summer + NJ = Sun, adventure, and bugs.

Insect-borne diseases are increasing around the world as the population grows and more areas become urbanized. Even in cities, protection against insect bites is more important than ever. Insect Shield technology is proven to work against many types of biting pests, including those that carry disease.

BugsAway® apparel from Exofficio  with Insect Shield® technology is a revolutionary tool to aid you in the battle against insects that can carry insect-borne diseases. With odorless and invisible insect protection, the only way to tell it’s there is that the bugs aren’t biting. The built-in insect repellent Permethrin provides a carefree outdoor experience, letting you focus on your adventure, not the bugs. We’ve got socks, apparel and accessories from Exofficio all ready to go:

Now, for the people who are looking for something to wear while working outside, on the lawn or similar activities, the Utility Pro Men’s Long Sleeve Tee With Perimeter Insect Guard will od the job and protect you against insects. Check out the features:

  • Long sleeves
  • Crew neck
  • Single chest pocket
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Breathable
  • SPF 35 dry/ SPF 50 wet
  • 100% Polyester

Also, check out this bugs-away cream that is 100% handmade and deet free! These, and other great bugs-away items are available in store now!