Red, Pink, Yellow & Blue Watches

If you’re looking for a colorful watch to wear the summer, checkout our selection of Neff Watches.  They keep perfect time and come in analog, digital and retro designs.  They make a great gift AND they’re water resistant.  Plus,  at 20-30 bucks, you can buy a few.

What kind of sunglasses does Dale Earnhardt Jr. wear?

Answer: SPY Sunglasses.  And we carry em.

Sunglasses are a new category for us so we set out to find the best to carry in our store.  It didn’t take us long to find Spy Optic, makers of the best sunglasses, snow goggles and more.  All SPY sunglasses feature 100% UVA, B & C protection, which is very important.  They look great too.  Our favorite is the Dirty Mo, designed specifically to Dale Earnhardt Jr’s specifications.  They’re comfortable and feature lots of patented technology so stop in and try a pair on.

The Spaceage, Limited Edition G-Shock Bluetooth Watch

G-Shock by Casio recently introduced a line of watches with Bluetooth technology built in.  Imagine your iPhone rings and your G-Shock vibrates letting you know that you have a call.  Receive an email?  Great. Your G-Shock will let you know with a beep or vibration.  If you loose your smartphone, the watch has a built in Bluetooth phone finder.  Simply press a button and your smartphone will sound off a tone until you find it.  We bought the watches in 4 colors and they look great.  These G-Shocks are limited edition so they wont last long.