The Most Comfortable Clogs In Our Store

We have a new style from Merrell called the Encore Lattice, and we think it’s the most comfortable clog in the store.  This women’s shoe is easy to slide on or kick off making it super easy to wear.    The heel features the Merrell Air Cushion system for shock absorption and added stability.  The lining of this clog is made of breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry.  Have warm feet?  That’s fine too.  The insides are lined with an Ageis Antimicrobal Solution to prevent odors and bacteria.  The sole is made of sticky rubber for extra grip on the trail or in the family room.  Merrell, you’ve done a great job with the Encore Lattice clogs!

Sperry Top-Sider, The Classic Boat Shoe

Back in 1935, Paul Sperry invented the first boat shoe and called it the Sperry Top Sider.  Over the years this boat shoe became an American Classic and is worn by people like us who are drawn to the sun, surf and soul of the ocean.  The look is classic and the brand is iconic.  We carry the classic styles at The Berkshire General Store in all sizes.  And don’t forget, they won’t mark up the deck of your boat!

Looking for warm insulated sneakers? We found them.

If you’re feet are always cold, try out the Adidas Climawarm Blast Sneakers.  They could be the warmest sneakers on the planet.  These sneakers are lined with Climawarm thermal insulation to keep your feet warm and dry during cold weather runs.  They’re breathable, feature a grippy rubber outsole and have flex groves for maximum flexibility.  This sneaker by Adidas is not only warm, it’s revolutionary.

Finally, Converse Chuck Taylors

Part of what makes our job exciting is that we get to bring in new brands and new technology to our store.  We were the first in the area to carry Hot Chillys, Under Armour, Herschel Bags, Barbour Outerwear, Down gloves, waterproof iPhnoe cases, mismatched socks for men, etc.  We like to believe that we are trendsetters.  However, on some occasions, rare occasions, we follow the trend (especially if our customers ask for something).

Now let’s talk sneakers…  Can you think of the most iconic sneaker of all time?  Yup, the converse Chuck Taylor.  After almost 100 years the Converse All Star is one of the best looking sneakers on the market.  Originally seen on the basketball court, this canvas sneaker is worn by rock and roll stars, rebels, businessmen and people that work at The Berkshire General Store.  We recently added the line to our sneaker department and hope to carry the brand for the next 100 years.


10 Years Ago……

10 years ago a group Nike employees learned that Stanford athletes were training barefoot on the golf course.  At this time they set out to develop a sneaker that felt natural and weightless, just like bare feet.  The studied a group of men and women with pressure measuring insoles taped to their feet and used high speed cameras to analyze each foot in motion.  After 8 years of study the Nike Engineers gained an understanding of the bare foot’s natural landing angle, pressure and toe position.  Nike took this knowledge and built a line of unconventional running shoes from the inside out.

Now this sneaker is very different than a conventional sneaker.  It has less padding, less of a differential between your heel and toe box, and it’s very flexible.  They’re incredibly comfortable, but most suggest that you gradually break your foot into the sneaker.  Yes, you need to break your foot in, not the sneaker in.  See our article on natural running.  The Nike Free (according to Wikipedia) “allows the muscles in the foot to gain strength by providing less constriction, runners are advised to gradually break into the shoe rather than immediately running long distances…”

Ok, some details on the shoe.  It’s incredible light at  8 ounces.  The outsole (bottom) of the sneaker features flexible groves for natural motion and flexibility.  You can actually twist the outsole.  Additionally, the shoe features an inner-sleve for a glove like fit.  Lastly, there is a 7mm heel to toe differential.  Bottom line is you have to try it on!

Most Comfortable Flip Flop for Women

With summer approaching we decided to put our flip-flops to the test.  With 1 week till the official start of summer, we’re naming the Sanuk Yoga Mat flip-flop as the most comfortable women’s flip-flop of 2012.  You’ll want to take a deep breath then exhale as soon as you try them on.  The foot bed is made from a real yoga mat so every step is soft and squishy.  The sandal is lightweight and a pleasure to wear.

The Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandal