Columbia Omni-Heat = Major Warmth

A few years ago we were invited to Columbia headquarters to view their new line of spring apparel and footwear.  It was a cold day and one of the Columbia Reps gave us a jacket off the rack to wear.  Shocked at how warm it was we started to ask questions…  The jacket was a Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket lined with little silver dots.  The dots are Columbia’s thermal reflective technology designed to reflect the warmth from your skin back to your body.  These little dots are truly amazing and the jacket is incredibly warm.  The visit to Columbia was so that we could view their spring line, but we ended up increasing our orders for Columbia Winter Omni-Heat Jackets.

Years later Columbia expanded the Omni-Heat line to include fleece, long underwear, hats and gloves; all with Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology.  Naturally we carry it all.  Customers that purchase Omni-Heat products often return and rave about how warm the gloves were or how incredible the fleece was.  We believe it’s one of our best lines in the store so we encourage our Customers to try the Omni-Heat technology themselves.

To show you how great Columbia Omni-heat jackets are, we decided to give one away!  Stop into the store tomorrow, or Monday and try on a Columbia Omni-Heat Jacket.  We’ll enter your name in for a chance to win a free jacket.  All you need to do is try on the jacket.  The winner will be announced on this blog on Tuesday, October 9th 2012.


UPDATE – 10/9/2012- Congrats Jenn of Bloomfield NJ – You are the winner!