The Fix? It just may be.

I recently tried out a new in-ear bud from SkullCandy called THE FIX.  Our salesrep gave me a pair to try and promised that they would stay in my ears.  I didn’t believe him.  I’m pretty active and there’s nothing worse than earbuds that don’t stay in your ears.  I’ve tried lots of different models and the best one for me (until now) was the apple earbud that comes with the iPhone.  I was totally impressed with The Fix.  It actually stayed in my ear and sounded great.  The package has a sketch of a cinder-block attached to The Fix dangling from someones ear.  I didn’t try this, but I bet it would work.  We now carry The Fix at The Berkshire General Store.

Here’s an article on The Fix.  it was published in Competitor Magazine:

Publication: Competitor Magazine

We’ve all been there—you’re out for a run when you’re suddenly distracted with your earbuds.

There’s nothing worse than fumbling with earbuds that won’t stay put.

Sport fitness earbuds are one of the more difficult types to find on the market. Not all earbuds are designed the same and finding the time to shop for the right pair that sound great and stay in place can be just as challenging as knowing where to start.

So, we did the shopping for you. We spoke with Pete Kelly, director of industrial design for SkullCandy, on how to shop for earbuds, and tested a few pairs from various companies to see how they measured up.

Finding the best shape and design:

Look for a form that allows the earbud to sit down inside the natural curves of the ear, which keeps it from falling out. This also positions the speaker directly in-line with the ear canal to deliver the purest sound. Lightweight injected plastics assure long-term comfort.  Avoid heavy materials like metal, as it doesn’t respond well to sweat. If you wear buds under a helmet, choose a low profile bud so your ears don’t hurt.

Caring for your earbuds:

Store them in a carrying case. Avoid tightly wrapping them around your device—this will cause kinks in the cables. Also, keep an eye on the “speaker grill.” If you see wax build-up, use a q-tip and some alcohol to gently wipe it away. Clean the exterior with water.

Biggest mistakes in using earbuds:

It’s effective to route the buds under your shirt if you plan to be very active. Find a bud style, or in-ear style that fits you correctly—this will reduce the tendency for them to fall out.